Forcemasta Pro Trainer

Forcemasta Pro Trainer- The tireless personal trainer
Forcemasta Pro Trainer- The tireless personal trainer

From Fitness to Striking

Boost your overall fitness levels

Improve your flexibility

Sharpen your whole body coordination 

Grow your power 

Accelerate your speed

Learn to control your force

Level up your striking skills

Maximise your self defence capabilities 

Solitary Training 

Never has there been a better time to aquire a training tool that allows you to train your entire fitness arsenal in a solitary manner.

Choose Your Training Path

The Forcemasta Pro Trainer can either be used as a general fitness device or as a martial arts trainer.

Choose the fitness path or the martial arts path. They overlap but differ in intent and application. 

Fitness Trainer 

Boost Your Fitness 

The Forcemasta Pro Trainer is a great general fitness device. It is ideal for stretching, cardiovascular conditioning and full body coordination 

A Strikers Dream 

Bring Your Punchbag to Life

From the amateur to the pro martial artist and from beginner to expert, this machine can expand and develop your skills quicker and more effectively than any other available training device. 

Any kick. Any punch. Any strike. 

Hooks, uppercuts, straight shots, elbows, hammerfists, backfists, knees, shins, feet, heels, leg kicks, side kicks, body kicks, axe kicks. Perform any strike.  

At the heart of the Forcemasta Pro Trainer is the tethered ball that improves the accuracy of your strikes, the timing of your shots and the focus of your mind.